Functional Fluency

 Introduction to Functional Fluency

Calling all Coaches and Trainers

Friday 30th September 2022, 1.30-4.30 p.m.(BST) 

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The online course is very interactive using a virtual mat to walk around the model and discuss real situations.

A 3-hour online course where you can learn about the insights the Functional Fluency model provides.  We will discuss in a small group how you can apply the learning in your work with coaching clients, training groups, counselling groups. A specially designed interactive graphic helps you to really get to know the model. 

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Functional Fluency and the TIFF Profiling Tool 

Some of our models/tools come from Transactional Analysis (TA) and most recently we have had excellent results with the TA-based model of effective human behaviour, developed by Susannah Temple, and known as Functional Fluency.

This is a simple but powerful model which describes the behaviours we use in constructive interactions with others, as managers and as colleagues, and also the ineffective behaviours which use a lot of energy but with little or no gain.  Indeed these can be destructive behaviours, causing unhelpful conflict and stress.  The model is usually met with nods and murmurs of recognition when it is described. People see an explanation for what they suspected was happening in their working relationships and guidance in how to make themselves more effective.

Functional Fluency also has a profiling tool called the Temple Index of Functional Fluency (TIFF) which we have used in individual coaching and in management programmes to great effect. People are able to identify their own personal strengths and how to change their areas where development is needed.  They can then apply this new understanding to a wide range of issues.

The Fluent Leader/Manager

The Fluent Leader/Manager uses a combination of workshop(s) and personal profiling to enable leaders and managers in your organisation to put the principles of Functional Fluency at the heart of their practice – and use their energy more effectively in the process.  The format can be tailored to your needs.

Article: The use of TIFF and Functional Fluency in the Oxford Brookes Leadership Programme

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