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About Valerie Fawcett Associates

Our experience shows that understanding of self, others and the working context enables people to develop healthy working relationships, engage with the organisation and achieve great things. Managers and leaders with self-awareness are able to flex their style to suit the situations and individuals they work with and to motivate and empower.  An absence of these conditions is characteristic of departments or whole organisations where productivity and morale are low and staff are stressed and demoralised.

We use a variety of models in our work.   Key among them is Functional Fluency and TIFF profiling which describe the behaviours which are characteristic of thriving human relationships.  This emotionally intelligent model describes the proportion of energy given to effective and ineffective relationship behaviours and how to direct energy into building constructive relationships as a Manager/Leader or as a colleague.

Principal Consultant – Valerie Fawcett

I have been facilitating people in their performance development and personal development since 1990. As well as independent consultancy work for a wide range of organisations, I was a Staff and Organisational Development Consultant at Oxford Brookes University from 2010-17.  I developed and delivered an ILM Coaching and Mentoring Level 5 course and the Brookes Leadership programme.  At the heart of the latter is the model of Functional Fluency which demonstrates effective leadership and management behaviours.

From my own learning and experience, I have found there are three main areas which people at any level may need to address to learn and make changes:

  • Behaviour – this may involve developing conscious awareness of current behaviours and habits which are ineffective and decisions/practice in changing behaviours
  • Thoughts/attitudes – our thinking influences our behaviours and feelings.  Taking account of all aspects of reality and thinking outside the box of our own beliefs can lead to new insights and progress
  • Emotions – emotions drive behaviours, and understanding of our own and others’ emotions is important to building and maintaining relationship and effective management of others.  Emotional intelligence is a key ability of leadership and management.

In my work I make use of psychological resources such as cognitive-behavioural techniques, personality profiling and Transactional Analysis as well as skills teaching.  I have been privileged to work with some of the leading personal development trainers in the world and I regularly extend my skills with research and training.

I am licensed to provide profiling with the TIFF behavioural profiling tool and the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI)

I am a trained mediator, specialising in workplace mediation.

My qualifications include:

  • Senior Fellow, Higher Education Academy (for my work at Oxford Brookes)
  • Degrees in Psychology and English
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Social Sciences from the Open University
  • Diplomas in Coaching and Mentoring at levels 5 (Management) and 7 (Executive) from the Institute of Leadership and Management
  • Training in Coaching Supervision from The Strengths Partnership
  • Primary Certificate in Occupational and Organisational Stress Management
  • Certificate in Training and Development from the ITD (now the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development)